The Crochet Café

Yup it’s been almost an entire year since I last wrote, but what I have to write today has substance. So I started knitting when I was in the 5th grade, which was in 2006, and when I went into 6th grade I was walking in Old Town Temecula with a family friend when we … Continue reading

It’s Been A While

A lot has happened since I’ve been away. Let me begin with, I’m sorry. I promised to write more blog posts but it has yet to happen. I will try my best to try to write once a week, since it’s a good way to remember what I did during the week. Okay since we … Continue reading


We can talk it so good We can make it so divine We can talk it good, how you wish it would be all the time This dream isn’t feeling sweet We’re reeling through the midnight streets And I’ve never felt more alone Feels so scary getting old The lyrics above are from my favorite … Continue reading

Long Time

It’s been a while or some months since my last post, but here I am. Life is getting in the way as usual. I’ve made it through the peak of my senior year and now I just have to make it through 50 more days of schools, before I have to check out. Then I’ll … Continue reading

The Beach

The beach. There’s just something about those two words that convey so much emotion to me. Since I was a little one, I’ve always enjoyed the beach, the feeling of the warm sand in between my toes, the breeze that has blown on the same places for as long as anyone can tell, and the … Continue reading

Shop Samples

It’s been a while since my last update, so here’s a quick run down. In the past weeks I’ve gotten a job at Aéropostale, been oriented in working there, and registered trained. Started my summer cross country practice, and have found out that I will be going to a meet at Stanford, for which I … Continue reading


As many of you know, I live in SoCal, and one of the largest attractions near me, is Disneyland! I am fortunate to live less than an hour away from both Disneyland, and Disneyland California Adventure. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to go. One of my best friends, Kayla, just turned 17 today, and her … Continue reading

Riverside Adventure

So my summer so far has consisted of laying in bed all day and knitting. I know everyone thinks how nice it must be to have this schedule, well it’s not. I am bored beyond belief. There is only so much nothing that one can do. I wish I could get a job, but every … Continue reading

The Subculture of Knitting

I was given an extra credit assignment for my AP Language and Composition class on film, and I was allowed to make a documentary. I decided to make mine on knitting. This is something that so many different people have helped me with that words can not express the gratitude that I have for these … Continue reading

Sights Unseen

Last Friday, two of my friends asked me if I could take their senior photos. So I kindly agreed. We went to our local Old Town.  I love being in the area, I spent my younger years from 1-3 matriculating. I still remember walking up and down the streets with my parents on spring afternoons. … Continue reading