Just recently I finished a circular shawl that I have been working on for the past 6 months. It was a long and tedious task but I managed to finish it and it feels as if I have just recently closed a chapter in my life. I started the shawl a week before I went back to school from winter break and it was fun at first. Then after I finished the short easy sections then came the long 580 stitch rows that seemed never ending, I worked on the shawl off and on, when I was stressed or needed relaxing and it may have taken me sometime but I finished it and it was fun. As soon as that shawl was finished I felt as if I had nothing else to work on. I feel the same about very large projects that I finish after a long period of time.


When I finally knit the last row of the shawl and grafted the edging together, I felt as if all the complexity of my life had left me. I guess the shawl was my way of ending my sophomore year of high school. From this point on my life becomes much more serious, as I enter my Junior year in high school everything is more serious and is focused on college. So I started a new circular shawl to help with the coming year, when ever I am stressed or need to be relaxed I will knit on this shawl and knit my worries into this shawl. And it is for that reason that I enjoy knitting.



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