C’est La Vie

Today is my last official day of summer, and can anyone guess what I’m doing with it? I’m finishing all my summer work! Yay for procrastination ๐Ÿ˜ฆ However, I am able to work very well under tremendous pressure, such as this. I don’t too much homework to finish, but it will take a huge chunk of time to finish it. I know I can get it done. And tomorrow I’ll take my first step into my Junior year, I’m so nervous for what this school year brings me! Only time will tell what is to come of my future.

On other news I was able to finish one project before heading back to school and that was Pagona by Stephen West. Had it not been for me finding Sins of the Family on Netflix last night this most likely would not have been finished, but it is and I’m happy ๐Ÿ˜€ It still hasn’t been blocked but it will be in a few days.ย Image

My very nice friend Michelle at Berry Colorful Yarningย gave a me a skien of her Awesome Sock fingering weight yarn, and said to make my friend Marietta a pair of socks out of it, so I gladly accepted. I love the color!


Lastly, I’ve been wanting so badly to cast on for a sweater, but being a teenager with no real job, buying a sweaters worth of yarn is a pipe dream. So instead I’ve started a Sweater Fund. Took an old candle jar, cleaned it out and put all my loose change in it and singles whenever I can. I’m hoping that in a few months I will have collected enough to buy a sweaters worth of Berroco Vintage, so that I can knit the Brownstone by Jared Flood. Crossing my fingers this will actually happen!

Have a great day everyone and great week as well!

P.S. for all you who don’t speak or read French C’est La Vie means That’s Life, just in case you were wondering!


2 thoughts on “C’est La Vie

  1. Rudie from your knitting group had pointed me toward your blog a couple of months ago. I have to say that you have bright things in your future. I’m always surprised by your entries, as well as the work you’re able to churn out. I recently started my first sweater. My skill level is nowhere near where yours is, so I went to Michael’s and bought a bunch of clearance yarn for my first run. I’m probably a third of the way done and already want to finish so I can do another. Good luck this school year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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