Crazy has ensued this week seeing as this was the first week of school for me. Yes, I know it’s way too early for school but my district is horrible, and I mean that in the most caring way possible. This school year is really different from any other year I’ve ever had.

First of all let me just say that my school district has found a way to make school even crappier. According to the lunch ladies I ask, Michelle Obama’s a Healthier America initiative has changed the lunch menu. I’m not saying anything bad about Michelle, all I am saying is that our district is so cheap that instead of going with a different food company that will provide healthier better lunches, they just cut everything that was semi-good. No more Vitamin water because that is unhealthy, yeah right and a bunch of other things. So that’s one thing that changed this school year.

Another thing is that I have seven classes this semester. At this time my schedule is as follows.

0 – AVID (Advancement Via Independent Determination) [College Prep Course]

1- Honors Chemistry

2- AP US History

3- AP Spanish 4

4- AP Language

5- Algebra 2

6- Health

Having seven classes doesn’t seem to be that bad, however in writing this I know that I will regret this statement in the coming weeks. I think I can handle this with a tutoring job and cross country, and at times it will be difficult I know that I’m not alone and I know that I can get help from all my teachers whenever I need it. Oh yes and cross country season has officially started and I’m very excited, I can’t wait to see what this season brings me. So be prepared to see a lot of running videos posted as well as pictures.

This means that since school has started and Cross Country season has officially started, knitting content might be light for the next few months, but I promise that I will still continue to post and more often since my friend has told me that I need to write more and post more, so now I will. Onto the knitting!

I haven’t really worked on anything lately, except for yesterday I started the Katniss Socks  for my friend Marietta. This is out of my friend Michelle’s yarn, I don’t know what the colorway is named but I do know that it is in the Awesome Sock Base. And here it is being knit up on a US 1 or 2.25 mm for all of you on the metric system. ImageFor more detailed pictures feel free to visit my Flickr or on my Ravelry

Thanks for everyone who is reading the blog and has read it. Spread the word, I would greatly appreciate it! Have great week everyone and keep up the knitting!


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