After one season of Cross Country and one season of Track, I was able to last weekend win my first medal. I’m not sure what place I received but I was able to get a medal, even though I had a unsatisfactory time. I’m assuming this was to due to the fact that there was a long, slow inclined hill. I thought that was going to be the death of me. I was so excited to receive my first medal, you have all read the struggles I’ve had with cross country. I have worked so hard and now that I was able to win a medal, I now know that I can accomplish anything. Along with winning a medal last weekend, yesterday at Southern California’s Inland Empire Championships I won my second medal! I came in 20th place out of 95 with a time of 18:28, about twenty seconds slower than my personal record. Not only did I win a medal, but my JV boys team took 3rd place overall! Our girl’s JV team took first place. Yesterday was such a great race day, but sadly our bus broke down before we left and we were stuck at the course and extra two hours before we were able to go back to our school. Other than that, yesterday was great. The picture is of me, my medal, and the trophy my team received.


Now onto the knitting.

Last weekend I frogged the Katniss socks, and restarted them. I frogged them because I hated the cuff, it was too tight and my friend could barely fit her foot through it. So I made the executive decision to frog them and restart them, toe-up! She likes better this way, and I find it easier knitting socks toe-up rather than top-down.


Finally, last Tuesday I cast on a new pair of socks because my Fire on the Mountain Socks are finished. I like them a lot.


My new sock is being knit on Knit Picks Felici self striping in the Building Blocks color way. I love them so far and I’ve made it up to the waste yarn heel insert on the first sock.


That’s all for now folks and until next time keep on keepin on.


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