It’s five days until Christmas and I took my last final today. Now that school’s over for the next three weeks, I’m ready to relax and spend my time running and knitting. I am so happy that Christmas is here and everyone is starting to have more humanity.

I read a quote the other day that said,”All I see is humans, but no Humanity.” I thought over about how much this world is slowly killing itself, and I thought to myself if the future is any brighter for me, then I went on Netflix. I found a documentary named Craigslist Joe. It is about a man who spends the month of December living off the good grace of people on Craigslist. The movie opened my eyes and let me know that there are still decent people in this world, that all they want to do is to help and give you as much as they can. I wish the whole world was like this, then maybe we wouldn’t lose those we love the most to people who thought the world was too cruel for them. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking of how I want to live my life. All I know is that I want to live in a small apartment, have enough food to eat and have a job that I love. I think it’s a simple enough task to accomplish.

There has been a lot more knitting done this week. Oh and sorry for not blogging more lately, life gets in the way. So I’ve start so new projects and worked on some that were hibernating. So let’s start.

First up is my newest WIP and that would be the Lady Bertram Shawlette by Wendy D. Johnson. I’m knitting this for my friend Kayla on US size 6 or 4.0mm, with KnitPicks Stroll Hand-Paints in the Pony Express colorway.


Then there’s the Northern Loop by Tante Ehm. Making this for my friend Tori out of some Michael’s brand yarn on US size 10.5 or 6.5mm needles. Image

I started  the Ranger coat by Jared Flood, for myself. The ribbing on the sleeve was knit on a US size 7 or 4.5mm and the “ranger” stitch is being knit on a US size 8 or 5.00mm. I am using KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in the Coal color.

ImageThat’s about everything that I’ve knit on for the past few days. I hope everyone is doing well and Happy Holiday to everyone celebrating something. I’ll talk to you all later.

“Man should forget his anger before he lies down to sleep”

-Mahatma Gandhi


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