Posted in January 2013


This week I started school after a three week break, and oh man was it long. I started my Monday off by starting Track season, and running 12 miles. I had never done 12 miles in one day until Monday, it was an okay last run as a 16 year old. I say this because … Continue reading

A Stitch and a Row

I thought that today I’d bring you something that is different. Most of you have read and know that I am a junior in High School, meaning that I have already started looking for colleges and universities to attend. I am in AVID (Advancement Via Independent Determination), which is a college prep class, and a … Continue reading


By definition tonic is a medicinal drink that gives a feeling of vigor and well-being, and now that it is 2013, I believe that it is time for a new feeling of vigor in my life. A new year and a fresh start is what I think everyone needs in order to take away all … Continue reading