A Stitch and a Row

I thought that today I’d bring you something that is different. Most of you have read and know that I am a junior in High School, meaning that I have already started looking for colleges and universities to attend. I am in AVID (Advancement Via Independent Determination), which is a college prep class, and a few months ago I had to write one of my many personal statements that will be submitted with my application. So I was told to write about me and what sets me apart from every other person applying to school. I did my personal statement on knitting. Without further adieu, here is my knitting personal statement:

            Growing up in this world, I always knew that there was something that set me apart from everyone else. I was the black sheep of my family and my friends. Everyone around me was so different, I felt as if I did not belong to a niche group that I knew. However, in the fourth grade one of my teachers taught me how to cast on and the knit stitch, and my life was never the same after that. She taught me a hobby that would later engulf my teenage life, and it opened my eyes to thinking in a different form.

            As I grew older, my knitting skills progressed with me. When I first started knitting I realized that it was so much harder than it looked, which is how everything in my life looks. I was determined not to fail, and that I would learn this skill; I worked hard for hours on end, and did everything I could to understand the skill that I was taught. I was finally able to grasp the concept and I was able to knit. I was so invigorated with knitting because, it challenged me in ways that academics did not. I had to learn how to solve my own knitting problems, because I did not have anyone that I could help at the time. My knitting grew with me as a person and as a student.

The more I learned new specialized techniques; I realized that it was an art like no other. Through knitting I was finally able to find a place where I belong, somewhere, that felt at home with people that I could relate to. I found this home at knit nights held at the local yarn shops and various coffeehouses. The people I met helped to change me as a person and greatly influenced my life today. I developed special bonds with each person at the meetings, because on some level whether it is mental or physical I understood them, and they understood me. I was not able to find this bond anywhere else with so many people; I could only find it with a small number of people my age that I could truly call my friends.

People do not realize, that in a society that idolizes beauty and brawn, being different isn’t always the best thing to be labeled as. I love being different from everyone else, but it doesn’t mean that everyone accepts me for who I am, for who I truly am. Knitting allowed me to understand that there is no right or wrong way to knit, simply that if you enjoy it, then you should do it, no matter how you do it. This helped me to understand that thinking is the same way, as long as you find an argument that makes sense to you as a person and you are able to justify it, then there is no set standard for thinking, open to any and all interpretations. I am knitting, and knitting is my life, each stitch holds a different idea of thinking, and every row is a different deducing sequence only to be told and unraveled by me.

I hope you all enjoyed that. It’s probably one of the best pieces I’ve written so far in my life. Please leave comments telling me whether you liked it or not, and some constructive criticism. Please be kind we are all civil here. I also wanted to mention the wonderful people at Cooperative Press are having a birthday celebration give away. They will be giving away a new iPad Mini filled with a bunch of their e-books. I encourage you all to click the link and check out the giveaway.  Have a great day everyone.

Hope is a waking dream



3 thoughts on “A Stitch and a Row

  1. Very well written. And, so insightful to you, your life, and the role knitting has played in the making of YOU. You impress me more and more as the years go by, as you grow, and as I get to know you. You have wisdom beyond your years. I can’t help but think that a little bit of it came from the wisdom all of us older-than-you knitters have shared with you. 😉 Keep up the great work…you will go far in life.

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