This week I started school after a three week break, and oh man was it long. I started my Monday off by starting Track season, and running 12 miles. I had never done 12 miles in one day until Monday, it was an okay last run as a 16 year old. I say this because on Tuesday I turned 17! I think that 17 is an awkward number only because it’s not as big of a mile stone as 16 or 18, I feel like it’s the one that doesn’t belong. Oh well, the perks of being 17 is that I can finally watch a rated R movie at the theater and feel all adult like and stuff. I will admit I thoughts having my birthday on a weekday was going to be more fun, just because I thought that more people would have remembered that it was my birthday. I was really bummed because after practice I realized that my birthday was almost over and I had not done anything. My track coach’s son Jose, who’s also my friend, shares my birthday so we went out to Denny’s at 11:30 that night to receive our free Grand Slams, like we did the previous year. Here’s an Instagram picture I took that night.


Also I had a more love thing happen to me this week. On my birthday I came home and my mom told to look into her purse, I had no idea why, then I look and there is this snowflake tin in there. My mom told me that one of her clients, someone that I have never met, sent me a present. I think my mom talks about enough to her clients that I guess they know me well enough to send me a present. Her client knew it was my birthday, and sent me a snowflake tin, when I opened it there was a $50 gift card to Amazon in it. I was shocked, someone that I had never met, knew my birthday and was generous enough to give me something to that extent amazes me! I feel that more love is working, that gift card totally made my night, the kindness of people amazes me. I guess this what 17 is all about, coming to grips that you are no longer a child and are closer to becoming an adult. Knowing that the world will change you, and knowing that only you have the power to ensure the world changes you into someone you are proud to be. Now that I’ve throughly ranted lets move onto the knitting.

Well this week I did not knit. I was bored last Friday and I decided to pick up my crochet and crochet some granny squares out sock yarn scraps. I figured I could make a square every time I finish a project and whip stitch them together. My goal is to have a queen sized blanket by the time I graduate next summer, so that I something to keep warm while I’m away at school.


A few weeks ago I showed you all a beanie I made for my best for Christmas, well I have yet to give it to her. Today, however, I was able to find something to add to her present. I found these rad earrings for her at my local farmer’s market. She love everything that has to deal with the Day of the Dead, so I knew these would be perfect. Don’t you?


I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I know I will and I will see you all next time.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.
Rabindranath Tagore


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