Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I last blogged. Life happens and that’s my excuse for not blogging lately. As most of you know I am a runner, and I love it, so much that I am in both Cross Country and Distance Track. Also most of you know the frustration that I feel with running. This past week was by far the crappiest week this year. Last week nothing seemed to work out right and I just did not want to deal with anything. Here comes the rant.

First of all I am working my butt of in Track. This season I have been doing all the varsity workouts, and they are killing me. I was doing this with the thought that I was going to be on Varsity Distance this season, that was before last Monday. Last Monday, I did the longest run I have ever done in my life, so far. I did 13 miles, and man was that killer. I took about an hour and forty minutes, and everyone else that did run finished in about an hour and half, so yeah I am slow. The run took so long, that by the time I was back, the sun was setting and it was freezing (take in mind I ran in shorts and a t-shirt). Everyone else had finished their core workout and had begun the stretch routine, and my coach told me to start my core, so I did. He then began to tell me to hurry up because he was cold (he was in a sweater and sweats, and my teammates were in hoodies, I was in a sweat soaked t-shirt and shorts), then I said I’m sorry coach, I’m going as fast as I can; after that he told me that maybe if I had ran faster he wouldn’t have to be telling me to hurry. His comment made everyone else laugh, but it made me want to cry.

After Monday, that’s basically how the whole week’s worth of practice went. He also said that I was doing advanced workouts, not varsity, which in coach talk means you’re still JV (junior varsity) not Varsity. I have been killing myself trying to do these workouts, for nothing. “Advanced” workouts take twice as long as all the other workouts. Not only am I the slowest on the team, I’m also the only one that has a weekday job. So I have been trying to juggle my emotions, with school and work. I still feel like crap, but there’s no use in use complaining, because no one knows how I feel, they just see me and think “what’s he got to be stressed about, he’s only a teenager, wait until he’s an adult.” And maybe I don’t know what’s it’s like to be an adult, but I do know what stress is and what I have to be worried about. Rant over, I just had to let it out to someone. Sorry if you didn’t enjoy reading that, I just don’t know who to talk to this about.

Now onto the knitting.

In about two weeks, I’ll be on my junior trip, traveling up the coast of California, visiting 12 different colleges and universities, so I thought I needed some new attire.

I cast on last Monday the Herbivore by Stephen West, one of my favorite designers, and I’m knitting it on US size 5 (3.75mm) in the Bill Compton colorway of BerryColorfulYarnings Fingering SW. I love it a lot. Image

Then I started another Graham. It’s my go to hat pattern. This is being knit on US 7 (4.5mm) in Encore Worsted.


I haven’t taken picture yet, but I just bound off the neck stitches on the Ranger and picked up stitches for the collar. I’m so stoked to finish it.

Since I had a crappy week, I did some stash enhancement. I still have some Birthday money leftover so I decided to splurge and buy some MadTosh! This is MadelineTosh in the Tosh Merino Light, Antique Lace colorway.


That’s about it for this post. Hope everyone has a great week and remember to be kind to everyone you meet, because they could be facing a difficulty.

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely deteremine where you start.

-Nido Quebein


One thought on “Frustration

  1. Sorry to hear you had such a tough week. I hate it when coaches (or anyone) have that attitude and treat people with disrespect like that. It would be nice if he would notice and acknowledge the hard work you’re doing instead of acting like you’re not trying or something. And, yes….you can have stress at your age. If anyone tells you that you can’t….well, I just don’t get why they would. They should know better. You have a lot on your plate. And, by the way…where are you working? I didn’t know you had a job too. You are a very busy guy! Good job on treating yourself with a some new yarn. That always helps…even if it’s just a little. 🙂 I hope this week goes a lot better for you.

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