As all you know from my previous post, last week was a bad week. Thank god it’s over! This week went pretty well. I still felt miserable Monday, but taking a half day made that one of the best days lately, and my best friend Rose wrote me a note and hid it in my bag. When I got home and pulled out my binder I saw the note and it made my day so much better. After Monday, my week went pretty swell after that.

My coach gave us all a break this week and let us take a breather, and by that I mean we got to drop the mileage across the board, making this week easier by far. That and there’s only a few more days till my Junior trip.

This coming week on Valentine’s day, I leave for a trip up the coast of California along with 54 other Juniors in our AVID program, to visit 12 colleges, giving us insight into what school we might be interested in applying for. I have been looking forward to this trip since school resumed after winter break, it will be my first time traveling up farther than Los Angeles in California. We even get to stop in a city I’ve been wanting to visit for the longest time, San Francisco! I so stoked for this trip, and I even get to wear a bunch of my handknits, since it will be cold enough to wear them.

Speaking of the trip, I was fortunate enough to have my father help pay for my new Dr. Martens! On top of a half day on Monday, I also got these babies. I’ve been wearing them for most of the week and they are awesome.

ImageThey are so comfortable, and I am looking forward to having them for the next few years. Along with getting those this week I also got some more yarn. I was finally able to get my first skein of Tanis Fiber Arts this week! I’ve been eyeing her yarn since I found her about a year ago, and I was finally able to buy some last weekend, and it came in this Tuesday. Look at it, it so beautiful. Image

That is her Blue Label Fingering in the Shadow color way. I love the colors so much and I’m planning on casting the Business Casual socks on Thursday, as sort of a sounvier I guess? I’m thinking of doing the cuff, heel flap, and toe in black, since I have large feet. I figured this is going to be the only way that I am going to get a nice sized leg on my sock, without running out of yarn on the second sock.

Now to move onto some knitting. So here’s an updated picture of my Ranger. It’s almost done, just need to finished the collar and the button band!


I’ve made some more progress on the Herbivore, but I forgot to take pictures of it today, when the lighting was better. However, I did take new pictures of the Katniss socks, yup they are still on the needles, but so what? All that I care about is that, they are almost done.


That’s all I’ve been working on lately, but there is a lot progress than last week. Lately its been colder here in Southern California, I thought I’d share a photo of the scenery in my  neighborhood.


This is the view when you are driving out of my neighborhood.

That’s all for this week and I will leave you all with this.

Just because we are knocked down does not mean that we are out. We still have breath in our lungs and tears flowing down – all signs that we are alive! Take a deep breath and be reminded that often our biggest struggles are the stepping stones to our greatest victories.

-Rae Smith


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