So it has been a while since I last posted. I just wanted to let you all know that my Junior trip was a success. However, I did have some difficulties last week on my trip. First I woke up sick on Wednesday, the day before we were about to leave, and I went through the day hoping that I wouldn’t be sick the next day. That was shot down, because on Thursday I woke up and felt worse, but I knew I couldn’t stay because this trip was the only driving force that’s kept me going since the semester began, I can’t just not go. So with everything in my body I got out of bed and got ready, remembered everything and double checked, ended up being late on the bus because I had to make a Starbucks stop. Finally on the bus, not feeling well sat down and realized that I forgot my camera, of all things to forget, I forget my camera. I seriously just wanted to cry, I felt so stupid for having forgotten it. I mean how do you forget the one thing that you have to bring on a trip? Other than that and the sickness the trip was fantastic. Great weather, amazing food, and unforgettable memories.

While on the long, and I mean looonnnggg bus ride up the coast and back down the coast, I cast on sock for the Celtic Cast On Business Casual KAL. I liked the pattern and needed something to do with my hands so I thought why not? I started the ribbing in black and then did the leg on the yarn I showed in the last post.

ImageLiking it a lot. Hope I finish it soon.

Then I received my package from KnitPicks with yarn to finish my Ranger, and a new crochet hook. I thought that I needed a special hook, because after all this is a special blanket. I got the Harmony Wood G crochet hook. Ain’t it a beaut?


That’s about everything I have done so far in the past weeks, but I did go on a hike with my distance track team last Monday to the Teneja falls in my area, it is much prettier in person and in full range, but it is kind of dangerous trying to a full range shot, so you will just have to do with this snippet.


That’s all for this post and until next post:

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous!

-Amelia Barr


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