Shop Samples

It’s been a while since my last update, so here’s a quick run down. In the past weeks I’ve gotten a job at Aéropostale, been oriented in working there, and registered trained. Started my summer cross country practice, and have found out that I will be going to a meet at Stanford, for which I am too excited. Started and am currently lagging on my summer work. Received my senior year schedule that was messed up, but since has been fixed, and looks like:

1- AP Biology

2- AP Government & Macroeconomics

3- AP Statistics


5- AP Literature

6- Athletics

and I have an independent study course for AP Spanish Literature since AP Statistics conflicted with it. And recently got another fun job, knitting shop samples for my LYS. Which is partly the reason why I haven’t blogged much this summer, and also the fact that I haven’t really done that much. I’ve had a good summer, but most of my time I don’t do anything other than knit. I mean I love doing it, but there’s only so much one can knit, before boredom ensues.

But since I have been knitting a lot of shop samples I am able to show you a lot of FO’s!

First here the turban (d) knit out of Plymouth’s Europa Tweed on US 10.5 Image

Then the Pluma Shawlette, knit in Baah! La Jolla on size 6, I also modified it. You can see my Rav page for the details.

ImageThen the newest FO’s are Signs of Spring Cowl in Plymouth’s Royal Llama Silk on size 7’s.


and lastly the Starving Artist Beret out of Taria Tweed on size 10.5


Within all the shop knitting I’ve done, I have not forgotten to knit for myself, well knit fun things. So I knit the Stovetop Hat by tincanknits out of Berroco Vintage, and gave it as a RAK to my friend Alyssa, who one night had to work a midnight shift at Starbucks, so I thought it would be nice for her to come home to something nice.


I hope you all have a great day.

Make it work with blind ambition, life is hard we live it vicious



One thought on “Shop Samples

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of FO’s! Congratulations! What shop are you knitting them for? What a sweet gift for your friend, Alyssa. I bet it really brightened her day/night! Enjoy the rest of your summer! Happy knitting! 🙂

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